…flowers are not the norm in Texas either. I have a hydrangea whose flowers start out white and then they turn green. Most of the summer this bush is adorned with green flowers. It's odd, but pretty.

GreenHydrangea-01 copy

The next photo in one that I found on Sweet Juniper a while back. The post was entitled "Feral Houses".


Mother Nature does not sit still.

2 thoughts on “Green…

  1. Sometimes the color of a hydrangea depends on the acidity of your soil. At least you got some flowers – I have a monstrous bush that hasn’t produced flowers in 3 years. It’s angry at me, I guess. 🙂


  2. the top flower are Annabelle’s and they are a wonderful Hydrangea I have them everywhere and they are very popular in Ontario. They are perfect if you cut them and stick them in a vase and they dry beautifully…Love the ferral house too.. it is amazing what happens when we “let mother nature go” so untamed but lovely


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