Giant pinecone!

I spied this massive pinecone in a bookstore window in Longmont, CO. The owner of the shop had no idea where it came from but thought that her mother had probably collected it. Her mother is deceased so we couldn't ask her for details.

Pinecone-Huge-03 copy

It was not only big, it was heavy. If any of you know where this could have come from, please share the info. I love a good pinecone!

Pinecone-Huge-02 copy

2 thoughts on “Giant pinecone!

  1. the redwood forest in california is where my mother in law got mine many years ago.
    Coulter Pines (Pinus Colteri) round out the Pine line. They are not as tall, getting at best up to 80 feet, but they have a huge girth, with big side branches. Their pine cones, over 18 inches long, are the biggest pinecones of any tree in the world. If you would like to grow these trees or would like more information about them, or any of the others in mentioned here, email me at
    1. big cone pine (Pinus coulteri) photo1, photo2
    · other names: Coulter pine
    · general: grows 12-24 m tall and 0.3-0.9 m in diameter; dense broadly rounded crown
    · needles: tufted at end of branches; stiff and blue-green; in bundles of 3
    · bark: black, scaly, and ridged
    · cones: high on tree and yellowish; very large (25-50 cm long and 15.25-17.75 cm wide) and heavy (up to 3.5 kg or 8lbs); asymmetrical at base; largest of all pine cones
    · ecology: Generally found in dry, gravely, or loamy soil at low elevations in the far SW of North America


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