Pool build – day 10

(If you didn't read the post about the dome going up, read it before you read this one.) Saturday morning, the plaster crew showed up around 9:00. It was above freezing. They worked inside the dome and they warmed up the interior of the dome with a propane torch/heater. You can see the orange part of the flame in the low, center of this photo. I think I would have set myself on fire with that open flame.

PoolBuild-67 copy

They drained the standing water off the bottom of the pool, taped off the tile, and filled all the remaining holes with a quick setting concrete. Then they brought out the plaster gun and started shooting and smoothing the plaster.

PoolBuild-68 copy 

As you can see, we went with a deep blue color.

PoolBuild-69 copy 

These guys know their job. They have skills and were fun to watch. Check out the fancy footwear!

PoolBuild-71 copy

PoolBuild-72 copy 

They got the plaster smooth and dry and started filling the pool. Notice the water bottle taped to the end of the hose to make it float! Low tech, great idea.

PoolBuild-75 copy

As I write this, the dome is off, the crew is gone, and we have two hoses (with bottles) going full strength into the pool. Somewhere around 5:00 a.m. we should have a full pool and be able to turn off the water.

You know, this is day 10 of the actual pool building by the pool building guys. But we only decided to build a pool in September. Today, December 5, we are filling it! Steve and I are amazed at the speed of this project. Not so much amazed that the professionals did it in 10 days – we are amazed that we managed to clear the backyard, move and re-build our fountain, take down and put up a fence, and more. No wonder we are both feeling like we've run a race. But I have to tell you that we both have big grins on our faces tonight!

2 thoughts on “Pool build – day 10

  1. Congratulations, Becky and Steve! What a monumental undertaking! Your backyard was so wonderful the way it was–so to take that all apart and go through the upheaval of installing the pool is daunting! But the results are well worth it–what a joy it will be for you to look out and see that pool–with a waterfall no less! And to be able to play in it when the weather is a bit warmer!
    Happy Holidays!


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