Pool build – day 11

It looks better with water in it! Of course now I can see how much more needs to be done to "decorate" the backyard. Later.

PoolBuild-81 copy

Here it is from the other side:

PoolBuild-82 copy

The sky was gray today. I'm going to be interested to see what color the water is when the sun is shining.

5 thoughts on “Pool build – day 11

  1. I am truly amazed your 10 days of pool build took less than a month! Its beautiful. I have commented occasionally as you were building, and I must say, Florida could use some pool builders that are that fast and conscientious. I have heard too many stories of anywhere from 4-9 MONTHS to get one done. It may not be just the economy that has doomed these builders, they could learn a lesson. By any chance, did the pool company know you were blogging about it??? did THAT make a difference?….. Its also interesting to see different methods and products used, state to state. Enjoy!


  2. Becky, I’ve enjoyed your “pool build”. We lived in Houston for 8 years and had a small pool in our backyard – we miss it! I know you will so enjoy it!


  3. Nope, the pool builders didnt know I was blogging – at least they never mentioned it. What helped the speed initially is that our back yard is on an alley. It was wet when they started to dig and they could park the big trucks on asphalt. I think there are some other pools that have had to wait for the ground to harden up.
    Allison Pools has an excellent reputation in our area. They arent cheap but it has turned out to be true that you get what you pay for. I have no complaints at all. This week, if the weather holds, they should seal the deck and turn on the equipment. Ill keep you posted.


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