Tulips in the Park & Pool build – day 12

I'd tell you that we are about to send an eNewsletter with new Piece O' Cake news except that I'll bet you get it before you read this. If not, go here to read our new eNewsflash. A big part of it is that Tulips in the Park ePatterns are now available. And we have dots!

Not much has changed pool-wise except that the waterfall is going and the sun came out. I promised pictures and here are some nice detail shots. The little tiles (below) still have a sort of scummy adhesive stuck to them. The guys are going to come clean that off when they seal the deck. I think it needs to warm up for that to happen. They look nice now but I'll bet they seriously sparkle when they are clean.

PoolBuild-85 copy 

PoolBuild-86 copy

Luckily, the plaster has turned out to be an amazing shade of blue. I chose this color from a broken bit that was less than 1" square. There was no way to do a test swatch and no one in town has ever chosen this color. Being a quilter who works with color in little bits helped a lot.

It's funny – you can't guess what the temperature is from these photos and it looks very inviting. But it's below freezing and, trust me, I have no desire to jump in today.

2 thoughts on “Tulips in the Park & Pool build – day 12

  1. I agree about the reflections of the tiles in the water……looks like an upcoming Piece O Cake quilt to me! Send some of your cool weather this way, we hit a record breaking 90 (!!!) in West Palm yesterday.


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