Wallpaper for your computer…

C&T just posted some free computer wallpaper quilts. Click here to go to their blog post. They are easy to download – just click the picture of the quilt (or quilts) that you want. I'm pretty sure you'll want Winter Dance from our book, Once Upon A Season (below)!


8 thoughts on “Wallpaper for your computer…

  1. Well I take that back, it cut off the text sourcing the photo. I will keep playing with it or make a blog entry and credit the photo.


  2. What search terms would you use if you were looking for a wallpaper for your computer?
    So you’re tired of looking at the same old default wallpaper that came on your computer and decide to venture out on the internet and find one that reflects your persona or individuality. What search terms would you use to find the background you want?


  3. The good news is that God is faithful and gracious, despite our persistent efforts to push him away. I would say your anxiety is a good sign. Seek the Lord while he can be found, and trust in his goodness and mercy, not in your own righteousness.


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