Pool build – day whatever..

I know that many, many of you are hip-deep in snow. I’m sorry about that if you’re sorry about that. Some people like being in that much snow and I hope that you are having fun and the that the rest of you are staying warm.

It’s cold here, but no snow. The guys came last week and sealed the deck. It’s shiny now and lots prettier. Some other guys came to do the deco-seal – which is basically caulking. They took out the foam spacer between the concrete and the stone and filled it almost full with fine white sand.

PoolBuild-87 copy

Then they put in the special caulk.

PoolBuild-88 copy

Then they covered that with more sand. We were instructed not to touch it until the next day when they came back and vacuumed up the loose sand. I surprised by how finished and nice this looks. The sand on top of the caulk is set in place and should stay put for years. That’s it between the stone and the concrete that looks like stone.

PoolBuild-89 copy

They also (finally) cleaned the little glass tiles. They look almost black in some light and they sparkle in other light. The reflections are wonderful!


I have been so busy this week that my head could explode any minute. But we get to go up and visit with all our family over the holidays. Life is good.

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