Tiny sweaters…

I've already shown you the bird ornaments I made this year. I think I said that I have a friend or two who share ornaments with me. My friend, Janette, is my most faithful ornament share-er. For the last several years Janette has made little hand-knit sweaters. They are truly fabulous and they will go with me to the old-folks home.

This one is metal and I have no idea how Janette did it. It's shaped, with little tiny breast out-dentations!


This one is made from yarn that Janette spun from her rabbit's fur:


She makes little hangers for them too! Notice the hands on the ends of the hanger on this cardigan. And that heart button works!


A knitted pattern, sort of like fair isle!


This year's sweater is a green turtleneck with cables – CABLES! Those of you who knit, imagine the tiny little cable needles! I love these ornaments. I smile every time I touch them.


We are on our way to Oklahoma City. The kids will join us on Christmas. Steve and I are giving my mom a long section of fence for Christmas. We're taking out the old and putting in the new. At least we have recent fence-building experience. The boys will help on the 26th. We like to be busy, I need to work off the desserts I'm going to eat, and Mom needs new fence so it works out. It may be a few days before I post again so Merry Christmas!

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