Learning a new thing…


My son Chris is helping me with my social networking skills today. While I have had a Facebook page and a Twitter account for a long time, I really have not used them. I blog, right here, and am happy to just keep up with that. But there is hope that this will change a bit.

I've got a new Facebook fan page. That's where all my facebooking is going to happen from now on so if you have a link to the old page, and you want to keep up, please click here and then click the button to become a fan. If nothing else, when I make a new blog post or find something to tweet about, you should know!

2 thoughts on “Learning a new thing…

  1. What is the advantage to being on Facebook if you already have a blog? Since I am from the Stone Age, all this technology gets confusing and I am not sure what it is all for. I just enjoy your blog.


  2. Some people keep up with Facebook more than they do blogs. Some people Tweet more (although I think thats more my kids than people my age). What Im hoping to do is tie the 3 places together so that when I post in one place, a notice is put in the other 2 places. That way those who care (and I hope there are lots who do) will at least get a link to the newest news.
    I am never going to be someone who posts and tweets all day long. Im going to be doing well to post once or twice a day. Some days nothing will happen.
    The other thing is that I realized over the holidays that the world of communications is continuing to evolve and I want to try to be current if for no other reason than it keeps my brain young-ish.


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