Warm thoughts on cold days…

So many of us are in the deep freeze that I thought this would be a good time to share these photos of females on the beach. I took these photos when I was in California not long ago…




This lady was in her 80s if she was a day. Honestly, I hope to be as fit as she is at that age!

4 thoughts on “Warm thoughts on cold days…

  1. Linda and I are both working like mad on a new Christmas book. It wont be out for over a year! Ive only got one quilt in this book but it has a ton of circles – its lovely but its a little slow.
    We are going on our first business trip – POC business, not teaching – to Hawaii on January 18! Were taking our husbands (they are part of the company too) and we are all looking forward to it. All work and no play is just not fun. Ill be blogging about Hawaii soon…


  2. Enjoyed the ‘warm’ pictures, being near Boston with snow & ice everywhere!Will really enjoy the Hawaiian blogs!That’s a great business! I can’t wait to see this new quilt you had a glimps awhile back I do remember all the circles! Knowing your fantastic quilting I know it will be beautiful!!


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