There’s a quilt ap for that!

 C&T has produced a way cool iPhone app. The Quick & Easy Quilt Block Too. features rotary-cutting directions for lots of traditional quilt blocks, plus bonus reference
tables every quilter needs. I'm not doing that much piecing these days but I'm enjoying having this info in my phone. At $3.99 it's worth the price.


4 thoughts on “There’s a quilt ap for that!

  1. I just got this for my i-touch. It’s great! I’m in pincushion mode, and it’s got measurements for 3 and 4 inch blocks. Right up my alley. There are a couple of other quilt apps for the i-phone/touch, too, which include calculators for binding, setting squares, and backs if I remember right. One is QuiltRef, the other is QuiltFab. Really Nifty!


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