What I buy…

I'm just back from Las Vegas where I taught at Quiltique. What a great quilt shop! If you are ever in Vegas, don't miss this shop.

I gave my lecture on color and Kara, one of the shop owners, asked me several really good questions afterward. One was about what fabric I buy. I get this question often but Kara asked it in such a way that I thought I really need to add that information to my lecture. So, for all of you, here's the answer to that question, with a photo of what I bought at Quiltique.

WhatIBuy-01 copy 

I buy fat quarters most of the time. That's what you see above, with the exception of the solid yellow (1/2 yard) and solid orange (1 yard). These are the new Gees Bend hand dyed solids on a bolt and they are colors I know I'm out of. When I buy a yard it's either a really great dot or it's a large print that might end up on a quilt back. I almost never buy more than 1 yard of anything.

Notice that there are lots of dots in my pile. I'm buying lots of dots because one of these days they won't be as prevalent and I'm still going to want them. I buy small, medium and large scale prints. I buy woven plaids and stripes (hard to spot these days). 

Happy fabric hunting!

Steve and I and Linda and Paul are leaving for Hawaii today! I'll do my best to post updates from there…

3 thoughts on “What I buy…

  1. thanks for sharing.. i find it interesting that you typically buy fat quarters… i buy them from time to time but i usually buy at least a yard when i find a fabric i like.. if not more!


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