City of Refuge

AKA Pu’u honua o’honaunau (if I spelled that right). The beach is rock but the snorkeling is great. I hope you can see the structure in the distance. It’s part of the City of Refuge park. I love the carved totems outside it. They are probably not called totems, but I can’t remember the Hawaiian name for them.

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3 thoughts on “City of Refuge

  1. Ohhh, very pretty, I wish I were there! We are having lots of rain in California at the moment! I wanted to share with you a link to some photos from the Road to California Quilt Show that took place this month. Several of your designs made it into the show and thought you’d like to see the pics. They are from Aunt Millie’s Garden! The fabrics were so close to the one on your pattern book, was it yours?
    Kathy in California


  2. We took a trip to Hawaii in 2005 for our 30th anniversary. Thanks for the memories. I bought some fabulous fabric (that I still havent cut into) I hope you are going to Kauai…it was our favorite.


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