Better photos from Hawaii!

I finally have a good internet connection so I can share a few photos taken with my good camera.

TurquoiseWater-01 copy 

We're working on designs for fabric. I don't know if the color or the foam pattern on the water or both will end up on fabric – but we're loving this!

PolkaDotLeaves-07 copy 

This plant has polka dot leaves and little pink flowers. Linda spotted it and I would have been so sorry to have missed it. I have no idea what this plant is and it probably would not grow in Sherman, TX, but isn't it marvelous?!

And here is a much better photo of the City of Refuge:


5 thoughts on “Better photos from Hawaii!

  1. The picture of the water could also be sky I bet – multi-purpose fabric. Sure hope you can find out the name of the “polka dot plant” as I love that it has different sized dots. Another possible fabric in brillant colors? Love the pictures. Judy C


  2. I am pretty sure the plant is a begonia, there are all different types and colours from small annuals to these which I think are tree or bush begonias some have large flowers others have clusters that kind of hang down I think that the larger variety are semi tropical from memory .


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