Of snow and sea turtles…

Many of you are snowed in and I hope you are warm and dry and sewing. I am not snowed in but my son, Jeff, is – in Baltimore. They have been sending us pictures and movies and I am getting a vicarious thrill – without the shoveling.

I am a bit envious that they are living through this significant weather event but I’m even more envious of the ‘found time’ they are getting. I often wish for a free day, don’t you? They are getting at least 7 free days! I’m sure there will be a cost for this later on but for now it sounds wonderful.

They went out for a walk yesterday and here is Jeff in front of someone’s snow fort…


It’s snowing there again as I write this. I’m hoping for more photos.

So, you ask, what about those sea turtles? Remember my Hawaii post showing a sea turtle on the black sand beach? Nowadays there are lots of warning signs around sea turtles on the beach telling people to leave them alone!!! This recent post from Weird Friends shows what the poor turtles have had to put up with in the past. I would not try to climb onto the back of something that looks like it could bite my arm off, but the water does look warm and inviting. I thought it was a nice counterpoint to the snow.


2 thoughts on “Of snow and sea turtles…

  1. One of my most vivid memories as a child in the 1950’s was traveling to Floriday with my parents and grandparents and getting a ride on a huge tortoise.
    I’m sure that everyone involved could be arrested if we did that now, but it sure was neat!


  2. I love the recovered office chairs. That plant looks like a Bromeliad. At least that is what we call them in Australia.


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