Those of you who have lived through the Blizzard of 10, please don't snicker. The weather service is predicting around 6" of snow for Sherman and there are already some travel advisories. After seeing the photos from Baltimore I'm having a hard time getting worked up about it. However, the snow is pretty so I thought I'd share some photos.

The flakes are big and wet and sitting on top of the branches, even the smallest twigs. That makes an interesting pattern when looked at from below. (Click the photo to see it bigger.)


This cardinal is waiting his turn to eat at my feeder…


The pool looks cold…

PoolInSnow copy

9 thoughts on “It’s SNOWING!

  1. Cardinals are just so gorgeous against a snowy backdrop! Love them! I much prefer the snow I experienced in Dallas than what we’ve got up here in South Dakota!


  2. I live north of Dallas and I am loving this snow! Granted, it’s not like on the east coast but I’ll take it. Perhaps we’ll get as much as the east has gotten. Doubtful, but you never know!
    Have a wonderful snowy day!


  3. Hey, having lived in North Texas for 10 years – 6″ is a fair amount! Enjoy having just enough snow to make it fun! Here in Southern Louisiana we are having just a very cold rain. I’ve got a picture of a wet cat in the carport – not nearly as pretty as the cardinal in the snow!!!


  4. The Cardinals are go beautiful. I did not know we had so many Cardinals at our feeder until the snow we had a couple weeks ago. I could not get enough pictures and they are calling for some of “your snow” here tonight. We are going to the Celtic Women concert tomorrow afternoon, so I sure hope the snow is light in Raleigh. Stay warm and be creative.


  5. I’m SOOOO glad that you got this last storm and it missed Western Oklahoma! I know SW got a few inches, but we’re absolutely SICK of this white stuff…it just won’t go away!


  6. Did you hear that every state (except Hawaii) had measurable snow yesterday???? Yep, 49 out of 50. I live in So Florida, so we didnt get any, but Pensacola, in the pan-handle did. The rest of the country will probably find it amusing that our weather forecasters have been issuing “snuggle alerts” lately. Tonight it may actually dip into the 30’s again.


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