The sail shade…

We needed shade next to the pool and there are no good places to put posts that would hold up a patio cover. What to do? I found Backyard City online – they make sail shades!

We needed on custom-made so we followed directions, drew a diagram and sent it off. It came last week and Steve installed it. And then he re-worked the installation a few days later.

Sunshade copy 

Steve used a jack hammer (we are on rock) to make the hole for the pole that you can't see on the far right. He made braces and attached them in the attic to the roof rafters. Then he put huge eye-bolts through the roof to hold the other two points of the shade. He only had to change move one of the eye-bolts two times to get the tension right! This wasn't easy and I sincerely appreciate the effort he put into getting it just right. Seriously, how many college professors do you know who can do this sort of thing?

The shade moves as the day goes by. My studio windows don't get so hot. The pool is a good temperature for swimming. Now I just need time to go outside!

One thought on “The sail shade…

  1. This is fantastic Becky! Dave and I have been looking for something like this for our backyard on Lake Texoma (Pottsboro)- we have tons of trees, but still want to protect out furniture from the sun that does get in (and from the tree debris). Thanks for the link! Now go take 10 minutes for a swim in that beautiful pool! :o)


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