My World Series quilt begins…

I've been thinking about the design of the quilt I am making for the World Series Quilt Challenge. I thought it would be fun to share my progress with you. So far I have an idea and a very rough sketch. I often start this way. I know it's not pretty, but it is what I do.


I wish I made notes in lovely letters, but I don't always do that either. I type a lot better than I write. If you can't read it, my scratches say: "When I am empty of my memories – please pick them up and keep them safe for me." It is this idea that I will try to put into my quilt.

6 thoughts on “My World Series quilt begins…

  1. Hi Becky, I like it! The sentiment is wonderful and appropriate, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you flesh out the design.


  2. Thank you Becky for sharing how you ‘start’. I have been wondering how quilters get their idea from their head-to paper-to fabric…?!
    How is your foot? I’ve not commented lately, but follow along pretty regularly. ; ) Wishing you a speedy recovery, pain-free walking and straight toes!
    Your passion flower is lovely! I’ve been outside most of the day working in our garden beds. Ahhh, Spring!!!


  3. Hi Pam! My foot is better. I still cant stand on it but its not really hurting. Unless I accidentally bend my toe. That gets my attention fast. Just try not moving your toe once you start thinking about it. Its way harder than it ought to be.
    I finally went outside to breathe some fresh air but didnt stay out long. The kids are in the pool, the deck gets wet, and I dont want to slip and fall. Crutches are tricky enough without being on a wet deck.
    Im hoping to start putting up fabric on this quilt in a few days. When I can stand up longer.


  4. Your words made me think of the most beautiful children’s book that addresses this very issue.
    “Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge” Written by Mem Fox, Illustrated by Julie Vivas.
    The little boy in the title lives next door to an old people’s home. One of the residents there has “lost her memory” so Wilfred asks everyone “what is a memory?” in an attempt to find it for her.
    It makes me tear up when I read it – it is very beautiful.


  5. I would love to see you insert a little heart or two into your quilt – I always refer to “my lost thoughts” as a little piece of my heart leaving and somedays I find it back.


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