Worldwide Radio!

I've had my foot surgery. I've been home on the sofa for a few hours. The numbness is wearing off and the pain meds are helping. My foot isn't exactly happy, but I'm OK. You know what's helping? I'm listening to radio from around the world (French radio as I write this).

Logo I have an iPhone and one of my husband's colleagues (thank you Don) told me about the ootunes app. I am surprised at how easy this app is to use and at how well it works. I'm nowhere near my 'real' computer but it may be that I can use it from iTunes too. I don't know if it's an app that will work on other smart phones.

Right now my phone is sitting in the new Bose SoundDock. I had been pondering the best/easiest way to take music outside and this is it.

So, for those of you who are looking for something different music-wise, I hope you enjoy this!

3 thoughts on “Worldwide Radio!

  1. Glad your surgery is over. PLEASE follow doctors orders and dont do too much too soon (like I did in January after a “simple” cyst removal from big toe area). Take your pain meds and let Steve wait on you hand and foot. Seriously.


  2. I am a firm believer in following Dr.s orders and am doing just that. And Im taking all the pills Im supposed to take. These are the times I very much appreciate the pharmaceutical companies!
    Dr. Hayes said I could put weight on my heel and walk carefully. Tried that for one step and decided that the crutches were a better choice for today (thank you, Kim, for the loaner crutches). I have found yet another reason that I go to Pilates classes – balance, core and shoulder girdle strength help a lot.


  3. Hope you get well soon!. I´ve read your blog for a long time and just love all your work. Just relax and take it slowly and enjoy the beautiful view of the pool which by the way is wonderful.
    Best wishes,
    Paty Z


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