Marbling the floor…

My son and DIL have been remodeling their kitchen (those are IKEA cabinets). They have done a lot of work with help (when needed) from Steve. My part of helping came in the form of painting. Last week I worked with Lorna and we painted the living/dining room walls and ceiling. Two coats each. They look good. I also volunteered to 'marble' the kitchen floor.

Initially they thought the floor would be better in solid gray. They used a satin finish latex floor paint. Satin finish latex on the floor is just too hard to keep clean. Everything shows on it. So here it was before…

KitchenFloor-Before copy 

And here is after marbling…


I used the same gray for the base coat and 'bagged' in a blue/black mottled marble pattern. Both paints are high gloss alkyd floor paint. I did this to my own kitchen years ago and I can tell you that it wears really well. And it's just paint – easy to touch up or change. The best part is that dirt is hard to see on this kind of finish.

Marbling really isn't hard to do. You work wet paint, dabbed onto a wadded up plastic grocery bag, into a wet base coat. Every now and then I stuck my bag in mineral spirits and worked that into the design to 'soften' some of the pattern. The veins are made by dragging a crummy narrow brush (or a stiff feather if you have one) loaded with dark paint to make squiggly lines of varying widths. You will make a more natural line if you hold the brush with the fingertips of your non-dominant hand.

I was covered with paint by the time I was finished. I wore gloves to protect the very fine manicure I got this week and was just proud of myself for not messing up my nails. At least I didn't get any in my hair.

7 thoughts on “Marbling the floor…

  1. Yes, its a wood floor. It was not completely smooth which actually helps the marble look more real.
    I only worked as far as I could reach without getting into the paint. That amounted to strips about 16 deep and several feet long. Alkyd paint is slow drying so you have plenty of time to work in the design.


  2. Gosh it looks great and the whole kitchen is stunning in its simplicity. I am so impressed by the whole family’s all craft (as in fine craftmanship!) skills.


  3. Never heard of this floor paint treatment but I love it. However, it will have to wait as when I’m done here I must get back to my shift of painting the master bedroom b4 DH puts pergo down tomorrow.


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