World Series Quilt – Post #8

John Flynn's 2010 entry in the WSQC is a Storm At Sea quilt. Remember that these are 16" x 16" quilts. This is an impressive bit of piecing. It isn't quilted yet, but knowing John the quilting is going to be very fine indeed.


Last year John made a 2-sided quilt…


For more on the World Series Quilt Challenge, click here.

One thought on “World Series Quilt – Post #8

  1. I’m not commenting about this current blog, but I thought this might be a way to find the book Once Upon a Season which seems to be unavailable. I’m really wanting to make the Spring Wheels quilt and have been trying to figure out how for some time.. I’m sure Becky and Linda have a much simpler way to do it than what I’ve been able to imagine. Can anyone help me out


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