Paducah and the National Quilt Museum

First – do you know that the National Quilt Museum is not financially supported by AQS? I didn't. Of course the Meredith Corporation does support the Museum, but the Museum is a separate, non-profit entity. As is true for every other non-profit, they need money. They REALLY need money. So, if you have a bit and can write a check to support this premier museum for quilters, click here for how to give your support.

FYI – I got to get up close and personal (no touching, just looking) with last year's best of show – Tribute to Tolkien by Sue McCarty. Well, it is an amazing quilt to see. Of course it was best of show! I had forgotten that one of the most wonderful aspects to this museum is that you can get really close to the quilts. You should go.

Caryl took me on some morning walking tours of Lower Town Paducah. Paducah has made a real effort to bring in artists and the Lower Town artists' community of thriving. I was lucky enough to go with Caryl to a couple of events. It's been a while since I've been to Paducah and I've never seen the city this way – empty of the thousands of quilters who come for the big show. 


So many of the warehouses and houses in Lower Town have been renovated. It is beautiful to see. The textures and colors made me happy.


The Finkel building is used during the quilt show but in the off-season it houses a Christian motorcycle group. I really love the look of this building!


More tomorrow….

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