I'm on my way to Australia as you read this with Steve, my husband and sherpa. I really like having my own sherpa! Since I'm likely to be to bleary to post I thought I'd give you a two more days of photos from Paducah.


I love this shot. Who knows why.


Of course an artist lives here! I want that screen door…


I have two pots by the pool that are so much in the sun that the plants keep wanting to die. This may be what I need!


I got to go to a potluck dinner at the home of the artist who made this guy. I love it!

Paducah is at the convergence of three navigable rivers. It's a seriously important inland port. When there are floods, Paducah is at risk but they have a wall to keep the river out of town. Artists have painted murals all along the wall in town. Imagine the water up to the top of that wall!


Here's a detail of one of my favorite murals:


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