More from Melbourne…

I taught at Amitie today. This is yet another great Australia shop, owned by Jenny Kingwell. The shop has lots of great fabric, some from the US and a lot from Japan. I'm buying (more) fabric that I never see at home – like these spots with the leopards.


More Cloth – wish we had this in the States, but it would be expensive. It's hand printed on linen – love it.


I did break out my camera in class and got some lovely shots. This is Kerry at the end of the day. She was both happy and tired from a full day of work. Her red Bernina case is brilliant.

Kerry-01 copy 

And Carol is loads of fun – not that everyone wasn't loads of fun – but check out her outfit!

Carol-01 copy 

The back of her leggings first caught my eye… and then I paid more attention to the fronts. With the shiny black shoes – I really wish I had this outfit! I've looked online for more of the leggings (made by P.A.M.) but haven't found them. I'm not sure I could pull this off nearly as well as Carol does so maybe it's better that I don't find them.

Carol-02 copy

Fi's pincushion came from a Flikr exchange. I want one like it but to get it I'm going to have to make one. Look at the tiny hexagons pieced together on the top. Really pretty.

FI-Pincushion copy 

Last but not least I found the photo I took of the (not quilt life-sized) Mick Jagger poster from the lobby of the Bloomfield Albany hotel…

MickJaggerInLobby copy 

…and I found this photo of schoolkids at the Hall of Remembrance, a memorial to Australian soldiers that is somber and lovely. I saw many, many school kids in uniform out and about in Melbourne. Older students were on their own or traveling in groups, off to lunch or going from one place to another on the buses and trams. Other, younger, school kids were in groups on outings with teachers. It's spring here and, if it's like the States, the time for outings.

SchoolkidsAtMemorial-02 copy

3 thoughts on “More from Melbourne…

  1. I am really enjoying and loving all the pictures and narratives of your trip – a place I have never been. I would absolutely love to have those leggings on Carol and secondly I would most definitely welcome the confidence it would take to wear them. About fabric – are polka-dots referred to as “spots” down under? and the hand-painted linen fabric – wow !!!


  2. Yes, dots are spots here. I actually like the sound of it.
    Its interesting to be in a place where we all speak the same language but we use some words differently. I can feel myself adopting some of the phrasing. It will be interesting to see if any of it sticks once Im back home.


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