Last bits from Ausralia…

This will be my last post from Melbourne. Tomorrow morning I fly to Los Angeles, then on to Seattle and Anchorage. Time and distance are strange. I leave Melbourne at 10:10 AM and land at LAX at 7:20 AM on the same day. I'm gong to get back that day I lost on the way over and it's too bad that I'll be spending it traveling.

Several of the ladies in my classes brought treats for class. Here is Carol's date cake. Notice the rotary cutter… we didn't actually use it to cut the cake.


Fi (owner of that great pincushion in my last post) gave me one of her handmade pins. I will wear it with pleasure! You can find Fi's web store here and her blog here.


I can't believe how tiny the hexes are…


I shopped in Melbourne. To be honest, maybe more than I should have BUT I shopped for things that you can only find here. Like these resin bracelets from Dinosaur Designs


I have a very small wrist that usually looks stupid in a bangle. These are the first bangles that I have ever worn that fit me. The shapes vary and I love them. The only US outlet in in NYC, a place I rarely get to.

I walked this morning and saw some new flowers like this fuzzy red one:


And I found a gum tree (better known as a eucalyptus in the US) in flower:

GumFlowers-01 copy 

Many of the houses here have fences around the front yard. Some tall, others not. Most are interesting to look at. Here's a view down the street where I've been staying. I was surprised to learn that the trees planted nearest the street are planted by the city and don't belong to the home owners. In fact, the city chooses the type of trees that are planted there. They often plant the same type of tree down the street. I'm having trouble imagining US homeowners going for this idea.

GeorgeStreet copy 

I particularly liked this gate – and the fence that surrounded it. I like galvanized metal, the large timbers in the fence, and the river rocks below the gate. (Steve, if you are reading this help me remember this idea for the next time we have to build a gate.)


I went to a boutique grocery store – with mood lighting! The veggies were beautiful…

BoutiqueGroceries copy 

Here's a detail of turnips which really do look good enough to eat…


Gayle, my hostess, feeds the magpies at her house every morning. These are smart, interesting, graphic birds that I've seen everywhere I've been. I got this shot:

FeedingMagpies copy 

The photo below goes with the black and white magpies. There is a lot of wrought iron in Australia. I took this photo near our hotel in Melbourne. The shift from black to white trim in these… what are they? town houses, condos, apartments, houses? Whatever, it's nice to look at.

HouseOnMillwyn-03 copy 

I've been thinking today about what I will miss the most once I'm back home…

  • Australians. They remind of the people I like best at home – warm, friendly, interesting.
  • I'll miss the look of Australia. There is a thread of good design that runs through this country. Even the traffic signs are stylish.
  • The public art. It's everywhere.
  • The food. It's hard to find bad food here.
  • The bakeries! Oh my, I wish we had even one bakery with bread and cookies and cakes in Sherman that compared with those here. It's probably good for my waistline that there isn't one but I sure do wish there was.
  • Footie – also known as Australian Rules Football. I'm a Cowboys fan and very much enjoy 'gridiron' football but footie is a great game and I'd certainly watch it if it were in the US. I have to admit that it makes our football look slow and sort of boring – and I really, really hate to write that.

Next up, Alaska!

8 thoughts on “Last bits from Ausralia…

  1. I am glad you have enjoyed my home town! The houses with the wrought iron are commonly known as terrace houses and yes, we are friendly, interesting people! And Aussie Rules originates from Melbourne. Safe trip! Susan


  2. Yep, these are Terrace houses, very common in Inner Melbourne (and Sydney, and some other places around Australia) mainly built mainly between the 1850s and the 1890s.
    They are a well loved part of our urban landscape – you can read about them here…
    I am glad you enjoyed out footy, and the Magpies (also the name of one of our football teams) who have the most beautiful, unique calls. Nothing says home to me like the sound of a magpie call.
    Safe travels.


  3. I’ve so been enjoying your posts about Australia. It all looks so beautiful! I wish I could visit – maybe someday.
    I wanted to comment about the trees owned by the city. Here in Michigan, it’s a very common occurance. In fact, the only tree on our property when we bought our house 10 years ago was the one owned by the city. Anything on the berm (the bit of grass between the sidewalk and the street) is owned by the city. They can trim the trees any way they want (even if they don’t know how), they can decide to cut them down if they want – they get to decide if and what will be planted there. No consultation with the landowner. It really sucks. On top of all this loveliness, the sidewalk is owned by the city, as well. However, if the sidewalk becomes damaged by the roots of the tree that the city owns, the repairs to the sidewalk are the landowners responsibility. How’s that for fairness? Yeah, Michigan has some real issues with government….or maybe it’s just me – LOL!


  4. I have loved reading about your adventures in Australia! The pictures have been wonderful! Have a safe trip to Alaska – can’t wait to hear about that!


  5. Chicago has a tree policy for the berms outside the sidewalk also. When all the elms died from disease, most of those have been replaced with Honey Locust, which I love. Yes, the city trims the trees and keeps up the sidewalks, and I’ve never heard anyone complain about this.


  6. Thanks to all of the quilters, and everyone else who made our time in Australia so enjoyable. But I am not building another gate anytime soon!


  7. Hi Becky,
    I’ve been reading this post with interest… I’m an Aussie and live between Sydney and our farm presently and love your descriptions of everything.
    Love that gate too!! Wow!
    Gee I wish I’d known you were coming…behind the times I am…
    Love your work… it’s always very inspiring…
    Thanks to both of you xx
    I’m adding you to my blog list today 🙂


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