24 hours on planes…

Three planes to be exact with a couple of short stops at LAX and Seattle. I'm in my hotel in Anchorage now and I can't believe I'm not asleep. But my eyes are awake even if my body is tired. I took some photos out of the window of two of the planes. I was both happy to see how pretty the view was and really tired of that view – both at the same time. This is just after dawn near the end of the 14 hour flight from Melbourne to LAX.


There's a story that goes with this flight. We were late taking off because we were waiting for 2 passengers who never showed up. Guess where they were sitting? That's right – I had 3 seats all to myself. I was very excited until I looked around and realized that these were probably the only free seats on the plane. I knew I could claim them but then I'd feel guilty sleeping on 3 seats while everyone else was sitting up. So I did claim the window and the middle seats (see I'm not completely altruistic) but I asked the flight attendant if he knew of some poor soul stuck in a middle seat with long legs. He found one (I knew he would). I felt a little less greedy and I still got to put my feet up and Ted (the lucky recipient of the aisle seat) was happy too. And I'll bet the people next to his old seat were happy.

By the time I took this next photo that story was a fuzzy memory. I took this before getting to Anchorage.


Tomorrow, if all goes well, I fly to Valdez early and go on a ferry ride of the bay. I'll take more photos. Now it's time to call it a night!

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