Addicted to dishes…

It's true – I am addicted to dishes. I've decided, however, that it's time to pass on sets I have used and loved to my DILs to make room for what is going to be my last new set of dishes. Steve and I bought a set of MUD Australia dishes when we were in Melbourne. They came today!


Even Jack thinks they are pretty nice!


They are made with French porcelain in Australia. They are light and strong and lovely. We got white dinner plates and a variety of colors in the coordinate pieces. I can't wait to use them!


FYI – I am barely home from market and will post more tomorrow (I hope) before I head to Bloomington, IL, on Thursday to teach.


3 thoughts on “Addicted to dishes…

  1. I thought you might want those bowls! Ive boxed up all sorts of things for you and Lorna (and Jeff and Chris) to do do picky-choosies with at Christmas.
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