The bidding is under way…

…and Ricky's quilt is in the lead. Click here to keep up with the AAQI World Series Auction. Bid often, bid high, and I hope you like mine best :-).

WhenIAmEmpty-01 copy

5 thoughts on “The bidding is under way…

  1. A little bird told me- there earrings that also match your quilt- so even if they get out bid– they could get a pair of earrings also raisingmoney for the cause..ITs a wonderful quilt- congrat on being a part of a winning team no matter who takes home the braggin rights.. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Peg. Im competitive by nature so Id really love it if my quilt made the most money. That said, Im working on being less competitive and it really is true that I am proud to be part of this auction knowing that my quilt is helping the cause.
    I know (and love) way too many people with Alzheimers and I would like to be part of making a difference.


  3. Ami called and said I needed to let you know-
    “Linda Jenkins came by the Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative Booth and put some “serious money ” in your vote for your favorite bucket-
    Two thumbs way up to Linda, you and Ami—


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