I love elves!

Becky-PurpleElf-275 Don't you love elves too! This elf in particular? I made 22 elves just like him to give as gifts this year (I make an new ornament every year). This elf pattern was designed by Tami Pfeil and is in Quilting Arts GIFTS magazine. I used her instructions (with minor changes as noted in the video on this page)

We'll send out our next newsletter on Monday (or maybe later today if Linda gets the office computers hooked up) but I wanted to share the felt news with you before that. If you go to our home page you'll see lots of links that will take you to all the new felt stuff.

In addition to the elves, I've made 2 charm bracelets (one for Linda, one for me) and an eye glass holder. I'm ready to start on some earrings. I can honestly say that working with the felt balls is fun and kind of addictive. You can make some lovely things in record time which is very nice at this time of year!

2 thoughts on “I love elves!

  1. Becky, Great job on the videos!! We fell in love with the felt balls at Market too! Brought home a few kits, but haven’t had the opportunity to play yet – better get going – a couple of them are Christmas gifts! At this point I’m loving just having a big glass vase full of felt balls!!!
    Thanks for the tips!


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