A quilt quilt from a tablecloth…

Jack, my grandson, is 3. Chris and Lorna moved him into a regular twin bed a few weeks ago and I promised to make a bed quilt for him. Jack is all boy and needs a quilt that he (and the dogs) can play on. Probably with his shoes on. This was not the place for an applique quilt – or even for one with much piecing.

I have had a cotton tablecloth with a map of the United States printed on it in my stash for quite a while. I think Moda made it. I bought it in a kit with a coordinating stripe and some huge blue rickrack. I added some light-wieght denim for the outer borders to make it fit the bed. (FYI – the denim is not this dark in person.) It took me 2 days to set together, baste, quilt, and bind it. Lightning speed quilting!


I didn't quilt this one heavily because it just didn't need it. Let me also add that the fabric is thicker and 'shifty-er' than regular cotton. You have to becareful not to stretch it out of shape while you are working on it. I took this photo before quilting on my design wall and you can see that I didn't get it all the way straight. Here's a closer shot before quilting.


Jack LOVES his quilt! I was going to hold it until Christmas but he needed it now and I couldn't see a good reason to make him wait for it. He has firetrucks under the tree and he will love them too.

If you are interested in making a map quilt of your own, I did a google search and didn't see this exact tablecloth, but there are others.


8 thoughts on “A quilt quilt from a tablecloth…

  1. I love the quilt Becky. It is bright and happy – just right for a young man named Jack! I need the quilting community’s advice. I am coming to grips with the reality that I will not be able to quilt again due to my disability – a chronic pain condition which causes my hands to swell (and a whole bunch of other stuff). How do i best part with all of my treasured quilting supplies I’ve held onto for a decade while I was going to college? I could use some $ for my effort since I can’t work anymore either.


  2. Hi Becky,
    I am so sorry that your hands are preventing you from quilting. What a bummer! I do hope that as this door is closing, a door to another creative outlet will open to you.
    As to making your quilting supplies go away AND make money in the process I would suggest that you have a sale. If its a garage sale, make sure you mention quilting fabric and supplies on the signs and in ads. You might have luck selling online but there is more work involved with that. If you are a member of guild you could have a sale just for guild members. You might have luck selling online but there is more work involved with that. Linda and I both have done all of the above with great success.
    Once last bit of advice: if you really want everything to be gone, price it to sell.
    I hope this is helpful. Happy holidays,


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