Oh my!…

… or, if you are me, you might sometimes say "WTF"?

I have changed my vocabulary since my youth, deleting those words that really can't be said in polite conversation. But my kids are grown and every now and then I do have to say "WTF"! (I apologize to those of you never resort to using words that can't be printed in a newspaper.) But I do think there are some situations that might make the nicest among us say WTF…




These are designed by Minga, from Argentina – and there are more designs that are just as good. If I could figure out how to order a poster, I would. Of course I'd have to hang it out of view of my grandchildren who would ask me what 'WTF' means and then I'd have to tell them. Their other grandmother, Judy, would figure out how to not tell them and I'm so happy that they have her in their lives too!


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