Simple decorating…

I've got my house ready for the holidays – had to because we had a party last weekend. Nothing like a deadline to get you moving! I'm not particularly good with centerpieces and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on flowers that I knew I couldn't arrange well. Instead I used glass pieces I already had with sparkly inexpensive garland and glass ornaments. Here's a grouping that ended up on top of my grandmother's china cabinet in the dining room:

ChristmasDecorations-2010-06 copy

And a close-up, below. What's nice is that I can move them around from place to place as needs change.


It has taken me years to figure out that if you keep the color combinations fairly simple (in this case red and white and clear glass) it looks planned and more expensive. I used the color combo throughout the house except on my tree where the lights are multi-colored and the ornaments span the ages.

ChristmasDecorations-2010-01 copy

We've had this tree for more than 20 years – it's become a member of the family. I've spray painted and glued glitter to it in recent years and it fits our space really well. Why mess with what works?!

4 thoughts on “Simple decorating…

  1. I love glass serving pieces and always buy brides big glass serving bowls. They can look so festive with food inside (think fruit salad, trifle, 11 layer salad, etc.), and they can also be used for decorations like this.


  2. Love your crystal and red! Did you ever float raw cranberries and tea lites in a crystal bowl? Looks great – and the cranberries last a long time – just change the water once in a while! Lasts the whole Christmas Season! and it CHEAP! Never heard of spraying an artificial tree – thanks for the idea!
    Merry Christmas!


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