A new tool!

I think the main reason Steve loves a new project is that it often means that he needs a new tool. I'm good with that because I need new sewing tools pretty often too!

His new tool is a power planer. I thought planers were only hand driven but, no, that is not the case. He cut the airplane hanger floor planks (see previous post) to a uniform length and placed them on the frame he made. He's pretty proud of that frame and he should be. This is the platform that he'll use to glue together the boards and it will keep everything level.


That's the very fine power planer in his hand (below). It's loud and it spits out LOTS of sawdust. You can set the depth of the cut. He's taking off 1mm.


Look down the length of the board behind the power planer. You can see the clean pine. Under other circumstances I might not want to take off so much of the wear/character of these boards but there is probably a lot of machine oil in the wood. I'm afraid the polyurethane won't adhere well if that's not taken off.


The change in the look of the wood is kind of amazing! Steve says I'll be staining and polyurethaning before we go to OKC on the 23rd. He's got a lot of glueing and sanding between now and then. I'll post more photos as he makes progress. We have a party here on New Year's Eve and I really hope we have the new table in place for it :-).


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