Christmas is coming – and I’m not quite ready!

But I am gaining on it. Judy (the other grandmother) and I worked with Elanor and Jack today on our annual let's-help-the-kids-make-presents day. We both thought this was the best year yet. I'm going to share with you in case you are needing some last minute kid present ideas.

Elanor made pinecone Christmas tree ornaments. She helped with the spray painting of the pinecones. She painted the tips white. She went back and painted the tips with glue and sprinkled them with glitter. We worked together on the pipe cleaners. Way cute!


Way back, when Jeff was 3, he made us a toilet paper tube angel. I've loved that angel and it's on the shelf in my dining room every day, next to the one Elanor made one with me and Judy when she was 3. I wish I had one for Christopher, but I don't.


Today was Jack's turn. We couldn't find any white toilet paper tubes so Elanor helped out by painting the brown tubes white. Instead of painting on the cheeks, Judy put on dots of glue and Jack sprinkled glitter. The noses were his idea and he was right – they are better with noses!


And then there's this:


My mom has a my brother's handprint from way back when with the poem you see above. I made one like this with Christopher's handprint when he was 4. How did I miss getting Jeff's handprint? I have no idea. But today, Judy and I got both Elanor and Jack's handprints immortalized on paper for their mom and dad.

Please notice that Elanor at 8 and Jack at 3 have nearly the same size hand. Oh my. I knew the boy was big, but really. He's a big kid!




7 thoughts on “Christmas is coming – and I’m not quite ready!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the handprints and poem – i love it! I have cutouts of my hands and feet from when i was small .. one of them in fake fure of all things. I can hardly wait to one day compare my children’s hands with my own 🙂


  2. Becky, Thanks so much for sharing that with all of us. What fun! Kids put the fun into Christmas! Again, thanks for spreading some holiday cheer. Best regards and Happy Holidays! jay


  3. Thank you very much Becky for the pictures of your fun time with your grands. I have forwarded the post to my retired-Marine son-in-law who does Papa Day Care for his three little grandchildren and is always looking for fun things for them to do when they have project time each day. Have a wonderful Christmas and can’t wait to see the table completed.


  4. Quick question, for the handprint poem, did you use regular black construction paper or like stock paper ? Was that all written in white paint or pen?


  5. I have used black construction paper, but I think its better to use an acid-free paper. It lasts longer. And, yes, I used a white pain pen. The hand print was done with white acrylic paint. You could use white kid paint too (I should know the name, but forget). If the child is not used to doing hand prints, let him/her do a practice print.
    Have fun!
    Please doclick hereto read about whats new on my blog.


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