It’s finished!

The dining room table is in the dining just in time for our family Christmas/New Year's Eve dinner and party!


I am so very excited! Steve, with some help from Jeff, did a magnificent job. This table will probably be in this room until we are blasted out of the house.

Of course a new table brings with it the need for 4 more chairs. I'd love to find chairs similar to the ones you see here in the blue upholstery. We got these 30 years ago at a Danish furniture store. If any of you happen to know where I might find something similar (used is fine!) please let me know. Until then we'll fill in with our wood folding chairs and the arm chairs that really don't fit but are pretty anyway.


Here you see the table set for eleven (the kids have smaller, colored plates). Dinner is in a couple of hours and we'll be opening presents before that. And the guys are going to jump in the pool! I hope your New Year's Eve is as festive as ours!


16 thoughts on “It’s finished!

  1. LOL! Becky, I have 6 of those chairs! 2 are armchairs, but the others are just exactly like yours. The table we bought them with is in the attic, & we’ve never figured out what to do with those chairs. Contact me if you’re actually interested!


  2. If the chairs from Jay, above, don’t pan out, I would suggest you google Danish furniture and see what turns up. I live in Switzerland and was surprised you bought these 30 years ago…they seem quite fresh and contemporary, based on what I see in furniture stores here. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find something very similar if you’re willing to order from Europe. Also, I’ve had success asking local woodworkers to replicate things I already own. Good luck! (Also I look the overall look of the room!)


  3. There is a little mom and pop furniture store in Midland, MI called Stanley’s that apparently sells Danish/modern furniture. I’ve never been there but am passing on what I’ve been told. Good luck to you.


  4. Your table is wonderful, Steve & Jeff did a great job….I am trying/convincing my DH to build a table like this. Happy New Year to You & Your Family!


  5. Nope, I dont rent him out but he sometimes volunteers to help friends and family. And I do know that hes gotten a lot done around here in the last couple of weeks and I am grateful! However, once the semester starts again hell be back to work and projects will grind to a halt until summer.


  6. Your table came out beautifully!! I’ve really enjoyed watching your progress. Thanks for letting us in on it. I feel like I did it with you, but without having to get dirty!


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