Family photos…

Some years ago I organized our good family photos into albums. I am not by nature a scrapbooker so my albums are pretty plain. They live in a cabinet and I rarely think of them. However, on Saturday, Jeff’s last day here, I pulled out the albums and we had a really good time going over them. Here are a few:


That’s my mom holding me in 1956! As I was filling in this sort of detail, I realized that I should have written a lot of it IN THE ALBUM! I can see I’m going to have to go back and do that.


These are my grandparents, Mabel and Dan Eckroat, on their honeymoon. They travelled often in their lives.


This is a Christmas picture with my dad, his sister, Helen, and my grandparents. I remember most of that furniture.


Here’s Jeff when he was 6 or 7. He was on a hike with Steve and Christopher. He has his tough guy face on!


And that’s Jeff on the right, sailing in Boston harbor. We took him for a week of sailing lessons when he was in high school instead of him going on the class trip to Europe that he had no interest in.

You know what else I realized on Saturday? I quit printing pictures just as our grandchildren came on the scene. I have lots of digital images but really, it’s not the same. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and make some more albums. I may have them printed in books (I know I can do that) or not. Either way, I have a new thing on the to do list.

4 thoughts on “Family photos…

  1. Becky, I know you have a MAC. There is a very simple program on it that allows you to make photo albums right on the Mac. I love the results and do that totally now. I also put the photos once I am through with them on CDs which are supposed to last longer than just regular photos.
    My daughter is currently scanning ALL old photos and putting them on CDs as well as sending the files to all relatives to enjoy and have. Its such a great way to share old family photos with all family members. In fact, we have been helping my great niece with a “Heritage Project” and having the old photos scanned and in a file format has made it so simple to send them to her for her project.


  2. Hi Sue: Its good to hear that you like the printed albums from Apple. Ive not touched one – or priced one – but I do plan to give it a try. It would be easier!


  3. Oh! I have a MAC too and didn’t know I could do that. I’ve got lots on the system but occasionally I’ll take a card down to the drugstore and fiddle and print at the HP station. Its easier to sahre with friends then dragging along my PC!


  4. If you click on the camera/photo on the dashboard, it will take you both to IPhoto. Its great. You can pick the format you want, size, etc. I like the spiral wire books. They have calendars you can make, photo books, and cards….as well as ordering prints. Its done through a Kodak lab. So easy. Try it.


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