Bubo-01 I am not a wine connoisseur. I'll admit right here that there is a lot of cheap red wine that tastes just dandy to me.

Since there are a lot of inexpensive wines on the shelf I often resort to buying wine by how cute the label is. Friends (thank you, Carol and David!) gave us this bottle of Bubo.

The label makes me want to draw! And I love the shade of green on the foil/plastic around the top of the bottle. Wouldn't that be pretty in fabric?

And, because enquiring minds might want to know, Bubo is tasty!

See a close-up of the label below. I may have to begin soaking off and saving the best labels!



9 thoughts on “Labels…

  1. Don’t know much about wine, but I’m sure to learn more soon. DGD is taking a class during JanTerm that involves winemaking and tasting. They sure didn’t teach that when I went to college!


  2. I think my daughter is trying to send me messages by the wine she buys and gives me.
    I own a bottle of “Bitch” and a bottle of “Evil.” Hummmmm……
    And I’m with you, Becky. Love Arbor Mist and other cheap wines.


  3. Saw this wine at Whole Foods and LOVED the label. It’s gorgeous! The price was great, too. But, what a surprise; this stuff tastes really good and is great with burgers, pizza or spaghetti. We love it!


  4. Parsonage Winery in California is owned by the Parson family. Mary Ellen Parsons designs quilts that often become the labels for their wines. Quilts are just everywhere.


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