Update from OKC…

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I sincerely appreciate all the comments on yesterday’s post. Steve and I did some quick research. My neighbor, Joan, also suggested I call mom’s church and that was a good idea. They were able to put me in touch with a nurse that works with Catholic Charities here. Between that contact, the social workers at the hospital, and the wonderful physical therapist we were able to quickly narrow it down to Bellevue Nursing and Rehab center (http://www.bellevueokc.com/index.htm)

We visited and it’s a bustling place. Happy atmosphere, not depressing. It doesn’t smell! It’s been owned by the same family since the 50s and the staff turnover is not high. The rehab facilities look good. I won’t worry when we drive away.

Mom will be sharing a room and that’s a good thing. I hope she likes her roommate but if she doesn’t perhaps that will provide more motivation to get better.

Amazingly enough mom sort of wanted to talk about plans form the future so I brought up the notion of her and my sister moving to Sherman, where we live. She seems ready to sell the house. It would be really wonderful if that idea takes root in her mind! Things are better today than yesterday.

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11 thoughts on “Update from OKC…

  1. I know what a tough time this is for a family. I have been there too many times. Gald things are looking up today and hope for nothing but happy days ahead.


  2. Glad to hear things are working out ok for your Mom. You are a dear daughter, and she has done a wonderful job. Makes me miss my Mom even more.
    Off topic – your son’s blog is absolutely a delightful bit of prose. He is funny and I look forward to his posts every day. I didn’t know how to subscribe to his feed, so I wrote and he fixed me up – “one of mom’s old friends” did the trick! ha ha. Tell him one old lady in Tulsa is happier because of him.
    God Bless you dear!


  3. I’m pleased to learn that you’ve found a place that you’re happy with. And it would be even better if mom and sister move closer so it’s easier to keep an eye on things as everyone gets older. Plus, she’ll be closer to her grandchildren and that’s a good thing, too!!
    Does your sister quilt? Just wondering!


  4. That’s good news. So glad you found an acceptable rehab facility for your mom. Hopefully she’ll turn the corner quickly and you’ll be moving her closer to you.


  5. I hope both your sister and your mother decide to move to Sherman. And, I do hope your mother gets better soon. In the meantime, it sounds like you found a good facility for your mother.


  6. I’m glad things went well with this big decision. I hope the good news continues. Making the decion to sell the house and move will be a big difficult step but a good one.


  7. I know how hard this is for you. I’ve been through it twice, myself. Lots of applique stitches have been accomplished sitting with mothers in hospitals and nursing homes. The stitching gave us a basis for conversation when nothing else made sense.
    I hope things continue to move positively.


  8. I am so happy for you and your mother. I worked in a rehab facility (I’m an RN)for a while. It wasn’t as you describe this one and I had to quit or commit mayhem on the owners. Anyway, there is a VAST realm of differences in these facilities. Some are wonderful and some are warehouses. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. I am very glad that you found a good one. And, you’re right — one that doesn’t smell is probably a good one. It takes a lot of effort to keep the odors down and the patients dry and comfortable. Good for both of you.


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