Any time is a good time for cake…

Do you remember reading on this blog about Jack's fascination with YouTube cake-making videos? Well, he decided that I needed a princess cake for my birthday. We didn't have time to have it on my actual birthday which was fine. It was really nice to have it tonight.

Lorna and the kids got the body of the Princess Castle Cake done today. They brought it here to finish…

PrincessCake-01 copy

Jack helped…

PrincessCake-02 copy

Elanor helped…

PrincessCake-03 copy

Jack especially liked embellishing with jelly beans…

PrincessCake-04 copy

Isn't it pretty!

PrincessCake-05 copy

And it was very tasty!. It's all gluten-free. That doesn't make it calorie free but really, one piece of cake can't be so bad for you! That, and the piece I've put back for tomorrow. I can resist a lot of things, but not cake. I was glad Lorna and Chris took the bulk of it home with them – otherwise my pants might not fit on Monday.

PrincessCake-06 copy

Elanor ate an icing and sugar covered cone. She was finished before any of the rest of us.

PrincessCake-07 copy

10 thoughts on “Any time is a good time for cake…

  1. Happy Birthday, Becky! Glad you had a chance to celebrate with family and a super great cake! I also hope that your mom and sister feel better soon and that they can make the move to a place near to you. Closer makes everything so much easier than long distance. Sharon


  2. great cake! and so special with all the help that went into it 🙂
    you mentioned “gluten free”, I have tried gluten free brownies ( betty crocker I think ) and they were Delicious! haven’t tried cake, yet —
    Thanks for sharing!
    Beth in Dallas


  3. I’ve got to agree with Bette — when did the grandchildren grow so big? The cake is beautiful and I’ve heard there are no calories in birthday cake! Still, sending it home with the kids is my method of dealing with deserts! If it’s here, you might as well just stick it to my hips cause it will end up there anyway!
    Hope your birthday was happy – at least the celebration day looks great !!


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