Really cold feet!


We almost bought this house for my mom and sister this morning. We had gone so far as to write an earnest money check and take a stack of papers to the lender. But then I woke up in a cold sweat thinking about who was going to water all that grass? And, really, did Steve and I have time (and money) to fix everything in this house that needs fixing. And not just fixing later, fixing right away?

Steve woke up about then (before the sun was up) and we decided that we just didn't need to do this right now. This house is just too big for mom and Christy. After talking to each of them we all decided that this was not the right house. I'm so glad we talked it out before we signed a contract!

So the new plan is to look for something small for them to rent in Sherman until mom's house in OKC sells. Mom's house won't even be on the market (probably) until we get them moved. It is still true that everything is trying to happen all at once but I am breathing easier knowing that we are not taking on the responsibility for buying a house while still owning another. I do hope we can find the right rental property soon and get them moved!


11 thoughts on “Really cold feet!

  1. I dear friend of mine just had the same moment this week. Renting for a bit just seems the best way to move forward. bet you sleep better tonight!


  2. This is a wise move… and you know what? some of the “stuff” can be put in storage until the rest of the new puzzle is worked out…. it is a good way to find out what one really needs / uses ….


  3. Rent a townhouse or condo which are usually smaller. That way you can see if they like a smaller place. Maybe you will find a condo/townhome where there is minimal yard or better yet, the places are maintained as part of the rental or ownership agreement. Take your time and make sure what happens is also best for you and Steve.


  4. The right place will show up! While renting they may even decide they want even more freedom from maintaince and choose assisted living. I just had to click on a link at the bottom of this post. Your post about the hardware store cabinet hit home. We have one of those in our family. Our daughter asked for it when her great grandfather’s hardware store was closed. Oh the memories it holds along with nuts and bolts!


  5. Becky;
    I really enjoy reading your blog which I have been reading almost daily for a year. I appreciate you candor and sincerity of your posts, life isn’t perfect, isn’t? I am glad your mom and sister and on the road to recovery. Glad that you and your husband follow that gut feeling and decided not to buy the house. The perfect house is there for them at the right price, size and place.


  6. Well I’m glad you came to your senses!!! When I read you were buying a house, I thought, Huh? Weren’t you just looking for a nursing home (not a re-hab), and now a house? I was thinking that your mom and sister must be in a lot better shape than I had interpreted from your posts, in order to take care of a house. Renting sounds like a great solution, or if you want to buy, maybe a condo where there is less upkeep (read work) for you. You have your hands full already, taking care of THEM not their house! Good luck, everything will fall in to place.


  7. I don’t know if it would work for your family…but My mom is 84 years old and last year she made the decision to move into an over 50 apartment complex that is absolutely wonderful. She has a one bedroom apartment with safety features like hand rails on the tub and a safety alarm. They have a bus that takes the residents without cars to stores, restaurants, etc. The rent is based on her income….it gives us all peace of mind that she’s able to be independent but there’s people there 24 hours a day to give her help if needed…
    Good luck.


  8. I appreciate all of you who have commented. It is true that my mom and sister have gotten better at an amazing rate. My sisters recuperative powers never cease to amaze me. But still, they need a smaller place with little to no maintenance. Were going to see whats for rent this week and hope to come up with something that will be good for 6-12 months. Thatll give us all time to figure out whats next.


  9. I’m a bit late on this – but I think renting is a really good idea. It gives you time to figure it all out and make the best possible placement for all involved.


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