Mom and Christy are moving!

NewStash copy Just as a heads up – I recently moved my stash from one room to another. I had to ‘thin the herd’ to make my fabric fit in its new home.I have as many shelves as I did before but they are about 1.5 feet shorter.

AND – we signed a lease last night on a duplex for Mom and Christy! Oh happy day! It’s 1000 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, big kitchen, and it has washer and dryer hookups. There are only 2 small steps from the parking area to the front door. It’s pretty new, only one person has lived in this unit and she took good care of it. It’s 2 blocks from Chris and Lorna and about 2 miles from us. There is a fenced yard and their (remaining) little dog can come with them. It feels right.

Mom and Christy were both really excited and happy to be moving to a smaller place – until they both realized that that means about half of their stuff is not making the move. They are both taking a deep breath and deciding what is most important to them. It is my hope that once they are in with their most cherished posessions it’ll be OK.

Mom’s dog, Wilson, is not making the trip to Texas. Wilson is a 10-year-old chihuahua. For years we all knew that at least one of the dogs was peeing in the house. When mom and Christy were both in the hospital we boarded Christy’s yorkshire terrier, Taz, and Steve’s sister took in Wilson. She figured out that Wilson was the guilty pee-er. Mom acquired Wilson when he was 2 and my guess is that why his original owner let him go.

Mom said, more than once, that she really couldn’t take care of him any more. It broke her heart, but she’s just beyond dog care. Christy can’t either – Taz is almost more than she can deal with. We have cats and neither Steve nor I felt right about bringing a nightmare into our cats’ lives.

At one point I thought I was going to have to send Wilson to heaven. I can hear every dog lover among you groaning but seriously, no one I knew could take on a dog that was going to have to be in diapers. I sure couldn’t let him loose to fend for himself – that’s just wrong. After some searching and long conversations I am happy to report that Barbara at Because of You Chihuahua Rescue was able to find a foster home for Wilson. Someone who knew up front about his bad habits and was happy to have him anyway. I am so thankful that I’m going to be able to tell my Mom honestly that Wilson is just fine.

You know, the world is full of amazingly giving individuals!

6 thoughts on “Mom and Christy are moving!

  1. I continue to think good thoughts and pray for your family as you go through these changes. On another note, how did you go about looking for rental property in that area? Did you use a realtor? We need to find a place for DGD for May through Dec.


  2. I can say right up front that I was LUCKY! Laurie and I drive the same way to the place we have our morning walks and Monday morning there was a sign in front of the duplex. I hadnt ever really thought about these duplexes but that morning the sign caught my eye and we got the number on the way home.
    I called. Turns out they had only started advertising the night before. We were the first call. I did check in the paper (you can still find listing for rentals in our small paper) and online and I called our realtor but this was by far the best deal for the money. And it was luck.
    The unit 3 doors down is also available right now but Ill bet its not there long. And its a little more worn than the one mom and Christy got.


  3. You must be feeling quite a sense of relief, on all fronts. Isn’t it nice when things fall into place and feels right??? I am very happy for you.You will find your new “normal” with mom and sister close by. Now get back to work……sorry, didnt mean to sound so bossy!


  4. >You know, the world is full of amazingly giving individuals!<
    And you are one of them, my friend. Glad the Mom/Christy home issue is settled!


  5. Things are all falling into place, aren’t they? And people who do animal rescue are really a blessing. I don’t know what the normal life span is of that breed of dog, but at least his few years left will be with someone who knows his faults and loves him anyway.
    Enjoy your classes. It will really be a vacation from all you’ve been doing lately!


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