Something new for spring!


Linda just finished this May Baskets quilt. If you are on our eNewsletter list you know that already :-). It's made with our Daisies & Dots fabric and we have a kit. Click here for more on that. You'll also so Lemon Pie on the same page. Both quilts are really cute and great for spring!


Linda used her new Sweet Sixteen from Handi Quilter to quilt the May Baskets and she said once you figure out the tensioning it is wonderful. She's so happy that I ordered one myself today and I hope to have it in 2-3 weeks.

In other news, they moved mom to a private room. She's had problems with diarrhea for a while that she reported to her various doctors but it took an nurse at Bellevue to finally take a sample. Turns out she has some bug that is contagious but, it is to be hoped, easily treatable. But because it's contagious she had to move to the private room. I can already tell that she's going to be lonely. It's funny because going in she was not at all sure she wanted a roommate but now she's sure she wants one. Thankfully it's only for about 10 more days.

I go to Naples, FL, tomorrow to teach – coming home on Sunday. I swear it's going to feel like a vacation!





5 thoughts on “Something new for spring!

  1. If “that bug” is C diff, it can be VERY tough to get rid of, so stay on it! And it is incredibly contagious, so make sure you wear your disposable gowns, glove up, etc.


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