From Pour l’ Amour du Fil in Nantes

We are in Nantes at the quilt show. We were invited to attend and teach by Quiltmania magazine, a wonderful quilt publication.
I was surprised and happy to see my quilt hanging just inside the the front door. It is the first one you see when you walk in and it looks great!

image from

Our “little house” is upstairs. We have a large space and many of our quilts are hanging. Quiltmania chose a lovely green backdrop for our entire space. This is the entrance.

image from

Our house has the brightest colors and most of the people who walk through really love the happy colors. We hear “tres Jolie” a lot!

I’ll share more photos tomorrow or when I get home. Our days are long and Linda is already trying to go sleep tonight. It’s time to turn off the lights…

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5 thoughts on “From Pour l’ Amour du Fil in Nantes

  1. What a great space! I love how the color makes all of your quilts sparkle. Your “Live Well and Be Happy” quilt is on the back of the current Quiltmania Magazine. I love that magazine and haunt Barnes and Noble until the new issues arrive. I love the pictures you have been sending. Have lots more fun.


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