Spring in Salt Lake…

I got out and about a little today between setting up the booth and the Schoolhouse presentation. I won't get outside much after this. It's late but I wanted to share some of these photos.The flowers around the Temple aare spectacular!

SaltLake-Flowers-05 copy


SaltLake-Flowers-07 copy

This is the front of the Temple in the morning…

   SaltLake-Temple-01 copy

…and the back of the Temple in the evening. Isn't the sky an amazing color!

SaltLake-Temple-02 copy

This is the City & County Building in the morning light.

SaltLake2011-CithAndCountyBldg-01 copy

Salt Lake is clean and the beautiful to look at. I love the diversity in the buildings. Even the demolition sites are interesting…

SaltLake-DemoWall copy

I think these stones are from a demolished structure. I would LOVE to take them home with me!

SaltLake-BldgRocks copy

Tomorrow I'll take photos inside the convention center!

Oh, and I almost forgot this lady. I took her picture as she was deep in thought looking at a fountain. I love her stance, hands clasped behind her back, and the careful choice of comfortable shoes with her skirt and sweater.


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