I’m home and home is great!

Four weeks away from home is just too long to be gone. It's true that I did enjoy the places I visited but Dorothy was right – there's no place like home.

I promised to share more from market so here goes. This is what our booth looked like. We featured the new fabric (Treasures & Tidbits from Kaufman) and the new pattern, Fresh Picked Posies. The pieced quilt in the corner is Off The Rail from Jaybird Quilts and the little dresses are from an Oliver + S pattern and are made with our new fabric.

SaltLake2011Booth-01 copy

All of the fabric you see is from our new collection, Treasures & Tidbits, that will be on our site in July, when the fabric ships. I didn't end up taking many shots inside the convention center because I rarely got out of the booth. Here is a new children's pattern that will come from Kwik Sew made from the new fabric. This fabric is really cute!


You know the tags we have on our site that say PS I Love You and Happy Birthday and Sweet Dreams? There are going to be more of them. Wendy showed a variety of ways to use them in quilts – like the birthday tag on the cupcake quilt below. She had them sewn into the sides of zippered bags and pincushions. My photos didn't come out or I'd share them now.


This was a really pretty display of embroidery floss at Anna Maria Horner's booth.

AnnaMariaHorner-FlossWheel copy

Outside the weather was beautiful! It was important to keep your eyes open because there was interesting stuff everywhere you looked. There were art pieces related to flight all around the central part of town. You had to look up to see them. I really liked this one…

SaltLake-FlyingThings-03 copy

My friend, Amy Marson, spotted these birds on our morning walk. That is a quail, isn't it?

SaltLake-Pheasant copy

And there were flowers everywhere.

SaltLake-Flowers-11 copy

SaltLake-Flowers-12 copy

I saw a couple of houses that had sculpted their trees to be flat. This is the way trees are grown in some orchards. It's an interesting idea.


And there were lions (but not tigers or bears that I saw).


My sister was in the hospital over the weekend but she's home now and feeling better. Life is good!

11 thoughts on “I’m home and home is great!

  1. so happy becky that you had safe travels and you are back home. I am also very excited that I tracked that quilt pattern….the applique and I am waiting for delivery.. I am doing that one next it is a fantastic applique and I can`t wait to do make it…with my new teachings of applique that I have learned from you…the needle is much happier where you told us to hold it..I am ready
    Your pictures that you posted on your trip were a fabulous way to enjoy some of your memories thanks so much for sharing…


  2. I think I’m in love with your new patterns! I especially like the large quilt with the 2011 on it in your booth at Market. What color is the background-white or WOW?


  3. I ordered Fresh Picked Posies and have already received it and started it. I’m doing it in all black and whites and white and blacks with a nice green and white kind of plaid:-)! It’s a fun pattern and I’m enjoying stitching it.
    THANKS for such inspiring patterns.


  4. Going to Florida Thursday , Now I feel I’ve been to Hawii. U guys seemed to have had a great time. Pictures were beautiful .How wonderful was that. Love the visit, keep it up. Great.


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