We’ve been invaded…

…by a bitty kitty. Chris and Lorna are in a local group of like-minded straight-from-the-cow raw milk drinkers. (Steve and I are still fans of pastuerization.) They were at the farm picking up milk when Christopher pointed out the free kittens sign to the kids. Lorna says she hoped that would fade from their memory and it almost did until Christopher wondered out loud where the kittens were. They found them and the runt of the litter made itself so cute that it ended up heading home with them.

They had to treat it for lots of fleas, got food, and all was going well until one of their two dogs tried to eat the kitten. We offered safe haven until she/he gets big enough to not look like a snack to the dogs.


Lorna's dad says she's a she, Steve says it's early yet but she's probably a she. But she has a mustache which makes some of the more feminine names feel wrong. Seriously, does she look like a "Susan" to you? Jack thinks Susan is a great name for her but he's not swaying the crowd. I lean toward Biscuit but since she's not our kitten that doesn't exactly matter. She's probably going to be Charlie, maybe Chuck.

Charile is happy with us but Emma and Dave, our cats, are not thrilled. There hasn't been any outright fighting but both big cats are trying to leave the house. It's way hot outside so that's not good. I got Emma in (she's hunkered down in the spare bedroom) but Dave is being scarce. I figure they'll come around because we provide them with a steady diet and they like to eat. I've tried to explain that this is not long-term but they are choosing to ignore me.


Charlie has tried to climb my legs and her little claws are sharp! It's cute now but will get old fast, this I know. It's been a while since I've trained a kitten but we've got her using the litter box. That's a big one.


19 thoughts on “We’ve been invaded…

  1. beautiful kitty. Are your older cats male or female? Our oldest is a female and as we brought in more kitties (at various stages cause Jynx is now 16) she tried to mother them. There’s 7 cats in the house right now and they get along for the most part. (only one cat goes outside) Might take a couple weeks, but it should happen. And, yes, those tiny claws are sharper than a pair of scissors! Love Chuckles! Enjoy!!


  2. Oh my gosh! She is such a cutey pie!!! I love the look on her face – like, the world is so big she has to have her eyes open wide to catch it all šŸ™‚ Enjoy the excitement and chaos she will bring to your world – even if it is only temporarily!! šŸ™‚


  3. Awwhhhh, look at kitty’s fur and big blue eyes, how gorgeous! It will be hard to give her back when the time comes, she’ll get as attached to you as you will to her.


  4. So Chuck has switched homes? What an adorable kitten. Think the dogs will accept her, when she grows claws and has a loud hiss?


  5. I carry a squirt gun with me at all times when in the house. If my Quincy (neutered male, tiger striped and totally lovely) does something naughty, out comes the gun and squirt! Once is usually enough. It’s a pretty harmless way to train cats. Their dignity is hurt more than anything else.


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