It’s amazing!


Mr. Roboto* is cute, but not really amazing. What is amazing is the $25,386.00 donation that Moira and Adam Dewar of Island Batik, Inc. made to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative! That is a huge and generous gift to such a worthy cause. I admit to being very impressed. Read more about it here.

Moira and Adam Dewar

*Elanor came over this afternoon to make another robot. Jack was not in on this session so Elanor got to use the tools. We were both surprised at how much faster it was to make this one – and it stands up better. I now need to gather some more good cans and other things for robot parts!

2 thoughts on “It’s amazing!

  1. post earrings are a good ‘nail’ alternative. and don’t forget plastic ‘blister’ packs for possible robot bodies. i just tossed a nice round one that would have made a nice fat, happy robot!
    the donation is awesome, and your temp kitten is adorable!


  2. robots? How funny!
    Yes, Ami must have been over the moon with that generous 25 K donation.
    Now how many 9X12 inch mini quilts would we have to make to match that donation?
    I made two and scored 90.00 for the cause and if every quilter did that we’d probably pass the 25K mark!
    Happy sewing


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