Chuckles, Charlie, or Chuck…

Whatever the name, the kitten is getting bigger! The kids are calling her Chuckles but I lean toward Chuck.


She (or he) is not big on posing. She won't be still unless she's asleep on the sofa.


I had to poke her to get her to open her eyes for this one.


But once awake, she played some before heading back to the sofa to sleep.

I've gotten the quilting done on the quilt for the magazine. Wish I could share but it's supposed to be a surprise. I did use hydrogen peroxide on the blood spot and it worked pretty well, even after I had heat-set it. Thank you to those who clued me in on this one.

I have been clearing out a closet. I found a #50 Bernina 3-sole walking foot and fifteen 9mm bobbins that don't fit any of my machines. The walking foot should fit the newer Berninas since it is the only one on their website right now. It would probably fit my new 220 but I got one to use with it when I bought it. The 9mm bobbins don't fit anything I have.

The #50 walking foot was $180 when I bought it which makes my head hurt now. If any of you want to make an offer on it, please leave a comment and I'll email you back. Someone could get a bargain :-).

Mom and Christy are doing fine. They close on the house down the street next Thursday. Steve and I have cleared our July calendars as much as possible so that we can do the remodeling. I'll take lots of before and after photos. It's going to be very cute!


11 thoughts on “Chuckles, Charlie, or Chuck…

  1. ooooohhhh, the eyes in the second picture say it all:
    you-poked-me!!!! :-))
    He’s so cute.
    Good luck on working on the house!


  2. Chuckles is definitely a keeper and a very cute kitty. If I were closer, and if the kids decided they didn’t want her/him, I’d happily add him to our bunch. The fur is too funny – and it will calm down when he’s older. Enjoy this time. Too soon they become cats and want nothing to do with you until feeding time and petting time.


  3. This is truly a cute little kitten! I love the name ‘Chuckles’ that made me laugh just saying it out loud. But I must say, with that little under the nose moustache-like marking, Chuck is pretty cute too! As they say about a rose by any other name..this little one is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!!


  4. Nobody has commented on the walking foot! Do you still have it up for sale?? I’d be interested.
    Love the kitten pictures. A wild cat had her 3 kitten in my garage about a month ago and the original plan was to steal her babies and make them friendly so they had a chance to be adopted. So far the babies tolerate me but mom hisses alot when I go to feed them or do my laundry. It is getting pretty hot in Sacramento so I bought them a little air conditioner/swamp cooler. She decided it was hot in there and moved her babies. So yesterday I used the air conditioner/swamp cooler in my sewing room. That was nice.


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