Really, I’m still here!

I've spent the last two days making my computer work with the new inventory, making sure our site is linked to me and not Linda, making sure all the emails come to me… Steve has come home to a very stressed woman for two days. My ear is tired from all the tech support BUT things are looking up! I think (knocking wood) I've got most of the kinks worked out.

There is, in fact, something new on the site. I've uploaded 4 new tutorials. Click on the 'Lessons" link on our menu bar and you'll find them.

Also, I went with mom today to buy a rock. A 2+ ton rock. I'll take a photo tomorrow so you can see it in her yard. Mom loves rocks. We have a pile of her rocks by our driveway that will make it down to her house later.


The center of this pile is composed of rose rocks from Oklahoma:

P1000471 copy

…and this concrete 'pie'. It's a tradition in our family that when we have leftover concrete we make paving stones. And when there's time, we write in them. This is one Mom and Christy wrote in in 1990.

P1000471 copy 2

4 thoughts on “Really, I’m still here!

  1. I am with Mom – I love rocks – they seem to have individual personality and I brought my rocks from CO to NC – ohwell, husband just went with it since I thought they were treasures. Judy C


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