Mom and her rock…

The rock was delivered as scheduled on the 19th. I know I said I'd post when it came but there you go. I've been working the website into my life. You know, I used to think I was busy and then Mom had her surgery and my life changed. Mom's life, Chrisy's life, their lives changed more. But still, I didn't fully appreciate how nice it was to just be in charge of my own self. But back to the rock…


Mom bought a forklift-rock. It is 2+ tons, the biggest rock in the yard. She didn't go intending to get the biggest one but this one sort of stood out. Because it was the biggest rock.

I know that many of you live where big rocks are common and cannot imagine why someone would buy a rock. We buy them because we live on a prairie. Rocks live under the dirt here and when you dig them up, they aren't pretty. We don't have mountains or boulders just lying around. We have to get our rocks the hard way, with cash. Because I know you are curious, this is about a $350 rock, delivered. That's why Mom only bought one. If they were cheaper her yard would be littered with rocks. Mine might be too.


Here's Mom, on her rock. The rock's function is to keep people from driving up on her yard. That drive to her left is the entrance to the alley that runs behind her house, my house, and many other houses. I made sure that the rock was placed so that I wouldn't hit it. I figured it if was safe from me, it was also safe from the neighbors.

We'll be planting something near the rock to keep it company. Maybe a crepe myrtle, or a tree. It's too soon to plant that sort of thing so Mom has time to decide.


12 thoughts on “Mom and her rock…

  1. I have a $400+ boulder combo in my front yard. Bought from the same yard. They guy on the forklift is really good with rocks. He places them just right, moves them around with that forklift as if he was using his hands. Its fun to watch!


  2. This is a seriously entertaining post! I live with a geologist and we have rocks too – but your photo of Mom and her rock is priceless! God Bless.


  3. What a beautiful woman your mom is! I guess I haven’t been around long enough here to have seen a pic of her.
    And I love her rock too. Once a planting is made near that, it’s gonna be a great setting.


  4. I live just a little further south than you and now is the time to plant! It’s the best time to plant trees! And you can probably find them on sale.
    I just planted some Mexican Plum trees last week. In the past, I’ve even planted oaks at my kids schools in December and those trees are doing great.
    Plant now!


  5. Yes, we plan to plant the trees and bushes in the next few months. What were waiting on a getting a load of dirt spread in the back yard, then mulch. Were looking for a worker to do that now. I would, but dont have the time. It may be Thanksgiving when we plant and that should still be fine here.
    I enjoy digging in the dirt and wish I had more time to do it.


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